Muscle Electrical Simulation

What Is Electrical Stimulation?

Electrical stimulation is the controlled use of electromagnetic current using fairly sophisticated devices that can create a variety of waveforms which are used selectively or in combined formats to stimulate nerves and therefore muscles, or to decrease pain. We use 2 main types of electrical stimulation, Neuromusclar Electrical Stimulation (NMES), and Interferential Electrical Stimulation (IES).

NMES is a treatment used to aid in the reeducation of skeletal muscles after injury, disuse or prolonged muscle spasm. The application of NMES to weak muscles while exercising helps you to reestablish your own control over your muscles that my have been lost after a painful event, or after prolonged immobilization.

IES is typicaly used after manual work and exercise to decrease pain, increase circulation and promote relaxation.

Who Can Use Electrical Stimulation?

Most people can use NMES or IES safely. Inform your health care provider if you have any of the following:

  • Decreased sensation in the proposed treatment area
  • Pacemaker or seizure disorder
  • Current pregnancy or attempting pregnancy

How Does It Work?

The muscles and nerves of the body can be activated by external sources. An external electrode is placed over muscle or nerve and attached to either a battery operated hand-held machine in the case of NMES or a stationary device in the case of IES. The machine has preset readings which deliver a comfortable, timed stimulation to the area causing the muscles to contract or the nerves to be simulate in a way that promotes relaxation and pain relief.

Individual treatment may vary from 1 session to several weeks’ usage. They can be used to help you identify the muscles, create a stronger awareness of your muscle contraction and provide a timed exercise session.

How Do I Start a Program Of Electrical Stimulation?

After a complete examination and evaluation your health care provider will recommend the proper program. Some people may benefit from short-term rental of home devices.

Every insurance plan has different benefits regarding the purchase and rental of medical equipment. COASTherapy will assist you in checking with your company about your durable medical equipment benefits.