We do Pilates right because we do it for YOUR body. If you are tired of the attitude that there is only one way to do the exercise with no or little modification to fit your body and abilities, then we are the right Pilates instructors for you. We have offered Pilates since 1996 and our Certified instructors have the experience to increase your strength and flexibility, no matter your current fitness level. Located within COASTherapy, there is plenty of support to help you meet your goals safely.

Pilates Private Sessions

One-on-one instruction for one hour. Excellent for the beginner with no prior experience in this technique, as well as those who may want or need extra instruction in any aspect of the work. Private sessions are scheduled on individual basis with your choice of instructors (dependent on instructor availability, of course).

Pilates Semi-Private Sessions

One instructor working with 2 – 4 clients at a time for one hour. Semi-private sessions provide the maximum scheduling flexibility and use all equipment appropriate to your skill level. To begin semi-privates, you must have some prior experience in Pilates work. If Pilates is new to you, you should start with a minimum of 5 private sessions to learn basic principles and an exercise program designed for you. Semi-Private sessions are scheduled based on studio and instructor availability. Instructors are assigned at the discretion of the Studio.

Pilates ‘Duets’ Special Classes

One instructor working with 2 clients at a time for one hour.Pre-paid sessions, requires 2 participants. Uses all Pilates’ equipment as appropriate. Scheduled based on instructor availability.

Pilates ‘Group Reformer’ Special Classes

One instructor working with 3 clients at a time for one hour. Pre-paid sessions, requires 3 participants. Uses only the Reformer equipment. Scheduled based on instructor availability.

Special Classes Refund Policy

Pilates Special Classes are exceptionally value priced and are therefore non-refundable. All Pilates Special Classes expire in 8 weeks.

Pilates Mat Group Classes

One instructor working with 1 – 7 clients at a time for one hour. Ongoing group classes are offered mornings and evenings during the week.

Not sure? Questions?

Call the Ando Studio at 714.974.0330 to arrange for a free exercise consultation to have us help you choose the right type of instruction to help you reach your wellness and fitness goals.

Pilates Background Information

Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany. As a child he was unhealthy, but through hard work he became accomplished in several sports, such as boxing, diving and gymnastics. Having moved to England in 1912, Joe was interned as an enemy alien at the outbreak of World War I in 1914 along with other German nationals. During his internment on the Isle of Mann, Joe worked in the camp hospital initially as an orderly. During this time he progressively developed his system of exercise. In the hospital he used bedsprings and hospital bed frames to rig strengthening devices that were the precursors to later equipment designs. The bedridden injured soldiers were strengthened with these devices, speeding their recovery. He was eventually put in charge of camp fitness, and when the world-wide flu epidemic struck in 1918, it killed 25% of the population of Western Europe, but Joseph Pilates was widely given credit for the fact that there were no deaths amongst his followers in the POW camp.