Welcome to the COASTherapy Studio

Located at the base of the Anaheim Hills Golf course, the COASTherapy Studio offers a picturesque studio environment where people of all ages, body types and physical conditions can safely learn and practice established and cutting-edge alternative exercise methods. Independent contractors offer Pilates, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Pilates Barre, Raw Foods workshops and acupuncture to help you attain your goals. We even have private sessions and classes for Yamuna Body Rolling™.

Whether it’s perfecting your favorite sport technique, your artistic performance, or improving your general health and appearance, the Studio recognizes that the crowded gym environment, jogging, or lifting weights may not be the answer for everyone. For many of us, we have tried many different approaches to health and fitness, but most of them didn’t “stick”. There are many different ways to exercise, and not all of them are right for everyone. At the Studio we offer you alternative exercise that has been proven to provide desired results.

For Wellness clients, the studio environment provides a relaxing, supportive atmosphere where you can learn and practice alternative techniques for fitness, receive a relaxing massage or use acupuncture for wellness management.

For patients who are completing Physical Therapy rehabilitation, the COASTherapy Studio provides a safe, supervised transitional or long-term exercise environment versus returning to the (relatively unsupervised) gym or their own self-directed programs.

Our programs emphasize somatic education (mind/body learning) that provides improvements in body awareness, movement fluidity and improvements in physical performance that you can apply to almost any aspect of your life. At the COASTherapy Studio you can improve your body control, movement quality (not just quantity), and mind/body awareness in a non-gym environment. Please take a moment to research our different offerings, or call us to discuss your Wellness goals.

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